Jay's Not a Magician... But with Chocolate, He Comes Close

In 2018, we tasted A LOT of chocolate...

Almost all of it was made in small batches by artisanal chocolate makers. And almost all of it included top-notch ingredients.

But we noticed the same thing that everyone who samples their way around the craft-chocolate world eventually recognizes...

Great ingredients alone don't make for world-class chocolate. It takes a master to craft sensational chocolate. (It's a complex process, after all.)

Meet Jay Holecek - Our Master Chocolate Maker

We could use the same incredible Costa Rican ingredients... but The Latest Batch chocolate wouldn’t have such unique,  flavors without Jay.

Jay has been a therapeutic chef - cooking and using food as medicine - for more than a decade. He lives on a farm in northern California, where he grows and harvests food that he then cooks and serves to guests. He also works events, where he sometimes runs kitchens with more than a dozen cooks working under him.

But chocolate is his greatest passion in the world of food. (With all its health properties, it was a natural choice.)

He's been making small batches of fine-flavor chocolate for nearly a decade. And you'd be hard-pressed to find a topic relating to chocolate that he can't talk about at length... from pruning cacao trees, to fermentation, to roasting temperatures and grinding times, to tips on making great chocolate in a home kitchen with minimal equipment.

Jay even reads the latest patents from global chocolate giants, to keep tabs on what they're up to.

He's done it all. 

As an experienced chef, Jay has a deep understanding of flavor development and the sense of taste. This has helped him become a well-respected maker in the small (but growing) craft chocolate industry...

Jay has helped more than a few chocolate companies create their chocolate recipes, develop their products, and refine their processes. 

He does it for the love of the craft. Even as he's working at The Latest Batch - Jay shares his knowledge freely with anyone interested in learning. Before anything else, he goes by the title "Chocolate Ambassador."

Jay puts his knowledge into practice with every batch of chocolate he makes. When you taste The Latest Batch chocolate - really slow down, let it melt in your mouth, and taste it - you'll know you're experiencing a master's work.

Try our Latest Batch and find out for yourself, right here...

As we say in Costa Rica, pura vida,