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Welcome to the Latest Batch

We’re happy you’re here! No matter how you found your way, you’ve arrived at the home of fresh, fine-flavor, Costa Rican chocolate.

We have a long history with Costa Rica. Between us, we lived along the country’s south Pacific coast for 30 years – mostly around the small beach town and surf destination, Dominical.

To give you a sense of place, it’s pretty nice…

Dark Chocolate from the Costa Rica Southern Zone

Costa Rica inspires wonder.

We love the people (who are proud to call themselves “Ticos”). We love the go-with-the-flow attitude. And we love Costa Rica’s unspoiled nature…

One of the country’s natural hidden gems is its cacao. It’s still unknown to most of the world. But in our opinion, it competes for the most flavorful and delicious on Earth…

Costa Rican Cacao

The name of this tree is Theobroma cacao. Theobroma roughly translates to “food of the gods” in Greek. When its pulp-covered seeds (above right) are properly fermented and sun dried, they are the essential ingredient in The Latest Batch chocolate.

We import all of our cacao directly from nature-minded farmers in Costa Rica.

Then, longtime chocolate maker and chef Jay Holecek finely tunes small batches of chocolate in his lab in Windsor, California – midway between San Francisco (to the south) and the Mendocino National Forest.

Jay Holecek chocolate maker

We started The Latest Batch to share this hidden gem with you in its most delicious forms – fresh, dark chocolate and carefully roasted nibs.

We use only Costa Rican ingredients in our products. They're all simple ingredients you can see and pronounce, like cacao beans, unrefined, organic cane sugar, cacao butter, and whole vanilla beans.

Even though we use only a handful of simple ingredients, every batch tastes different. Just like a wine’s flavor comes from the grapes and how they’re processed, so it is with chocolate and cacao (say it with us… “kha-cow”). 

We guarantee, we only make chocolate of the highest quality… We always send it to you, fresh… And if we don’t think it’s delicious, it doesn’t leave the lab.

Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

As we say in Costa Rica, Pura vida,

The Latest Batch