What is your "Really Damn Good" Guarantee?

Our chocolate is really damn good. Our customers say it. Our friends and family say it. And we say it, because we know it to be true. We put a lot of care into sourcing our ingredients… into the chocolate-making process… and into sending you The Latest Batch.

But if you don’t think our chocolate is really damn good – or if you’re not thrilled by any aspect of your Latest Batch – let us know at tlb@thelatestbatch.com. We will make it right. We’ll either send you a new batch of chocolate, on us… Or we’ll give you a full refund. And that is a really damn good guarantee.

When You Say "100% Dark" Or "75% Dark," What Does That Mean, Exactly?

When we say “100% dark,” it means the only ingredient in the chocolate is cacao. Mostly, it’s ground “nibs,” which are the insides of cacao beans. But we may also use cacao butter – which is pressed from cacao seeds – to improve the texture.

When we say “75% dark,” it means cacao nibs (and possibly cacao butter) make up 75% of the chocolate, by weight. In our chocolate, the other 25% is cane sugar.

Why Do You Source Your Ingredients From Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is smaller than West Virginia. Yet it’s one of the most geographically diverse countries in the world.

It has beaches along its Pacific and Caribbean coasts. It has the second-tallest mountain (base to peak) in Central America – Mount Chirripo – at 12,320 feet. It has six active volcanoes and dozens of dormant ones. And it’s covered in rainforest, with waterfalls everywhere.

This geographical diversity contributes to Costa Rica’s hundreds of “microclimates,” and a fantastic agricultural diversity. Thousands of varieties of cacao can thrive in the country. So it offers a large palate of flavors to make chocolate with.

These cacao varieties make for some of the best chocolate in the world. We wanted to bring these flavors to you.

How Long Will The Latest Batch Be At "Peak Freshness"?

We use four months as a guideline…

If you store your chocolate in a cool, dry place (see below), it should hold on to its fantastic flavors for even longer. Its flavors will evolve in that time – meaning some flavor notes will become more pronounced and others will fade. But we’ve been happy with the tasting experience out to at least four months.

Since you’ll always get The Latest Batch within its first month, you’ll have at least three months to enjoy (if you can restrain yourself for that long)!

How Should I Store My Chocolate?

Store your chocolate in a cool, dry place. Less than 70 degrees is ideal.

Do not store in your refrigerator. Both moisture and heat can affect your chocolate’s texture… Over time, they’ll mess with its flavor, too.

In the heat, the natural fats (think cacao butter), will separate from the rest of the chocolate causing something called “fat bloom.” It shows up as a much lighter color on the chocolate’s surface. If this happens, your chocolate is still safe and should still taste good. But the texture will likely be different.

Moisture pulls the sugar to the surface of the chocolate, causing “sugar bloom.”

Again, it’s still safe to eat… But its texture won’t be as smooth and the flavors will likely be a bit off.

Should I Refrigerate Or Freeze My Chocolate?

Ideally, no, you shouldn’t refrigerate or freeze your chocolate.

When you take chocolate out of the refrigerator or freezer, condensation forms on the chocolate. That can affect its texture and degrade its flavor. (See “How should I store my chocolate?”)

Plus, most folks enjoy how chocolate melts in their mouths. When you eat chocolate cold, it takes a lot longer for it to start melting (which it does just below body temperature). Unless you’re really patient, you’ll probably end up chewing it. And you won’t taste the full range of flavors, either.

How Big Are Your 4.5oz Packages, Really?

One ounce is about 17 wafers. So 2oz is about 34 wafers. If you eat five pieces each day, 2oz will keep you going for about a week.

Wafers per ounce

How Can I Contact You?
The best way to reach is us by email, at tlb@thelatestbatch.com. We read all emails to that address and respond as quickly as possible.