Jay Holecek, Therapeutic Chef and Chocolate Ambassador

jay holecek chocolate maker

Jay Holecek is a server and a connector. He works to connect the flavor of the land to the pleasure of the eaters as a Chocolate Ambassador and Therapeutic Chef. He connects food and cacao-producing communities of farmers and makers with those who share the passion for regenerative food production.

Jay splits his time between California and his land base in Costa Rica where he manages a demonstration and educational cacao farm and adventure retreat center called Buenaventura. He works with local organizations to support community empowered models of production. Stateside, he works as a Therapeutic Chef on a production farm in Bolinas, supports a restorative grazing operation on an ecological preserve, and works with multiple chocolate companies and eaters in the San Francisco Bay Area. You will likely find him wild foraging, making compost or preparing some flavorful alchemy of food and chocolate.

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